The flattest marathon you may ever find!

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In our quest to bring you even more flat and mud free marathons we have found another example of a flat, fast, traffic free marathon course on the Saxon Shore Way. This runs partly on the promenade, the coastal path and the sea defence walls heading towards several Martello Towers between Folkestone and Hythe and includes running past Sandgate Castle.

The route is an approximately 8.74 mile out and back that you'll complete three times on near dead flat tarmac and concrete (and possibly a tiny piece of shingle, depending on any winter storms), the total elevation gain is I calculate, or more correctly my Garmin calculates as under 50 feet. In total, not per out and back!

Having completed lots of marathons we believe we know what it takes to put on an enjoyable marathon for the fit, the dedicated and the hardcore long distance runners. And for those, like myself, who fit none of those categories, we'll do our best to get you round!

Come and join us for a bit of a run along the Kent Coast, we'll have a well stocked aid station, nice custom made medals and goody bags that actually contain goodies! For any of you that have run one of our marathons before you'll know that typically contains the essentials "Cs" of running, chocolate, crisps and cookies!

We put on marathons run exactly the way we wish they were all run. Low key, friendly and with most of the entry fee being spent on the runners.

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