Friendly Mud Free Winter Marathon & Challenge!

We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard. Having completed lots of marathons and ultras we believe we know what it takes to put on an enjoyable event for the fit, the dedicated and the hardcore long distance runners. And for those, like myself, who fit none of those categories, we'll do our best to get you round!

Come and join us in December for a jaunt along the Saxon Shore Way where it winds its way up the coast at Deal. The Saxon Shore Marathon will be running for the 8th consecutive year along the sea front. The course is very flat, with a few tiny undulations, the surface is very good indeed, all hard surfaces and will be mud free and even the most navigationally challenged amongst us will be able to get around the course without getting lost. Promise!

For 2018 we're going to have two variations.

The main event will be the Saxon Shore Marathon, but for those who wish to run one, two, three or four laps (or six+!) then we'll have a Viking Challenge option for them to get an official finish, Viking Challenge Medal and goody bag!

We put on marathons and challenges run exactly the way we wish they were all run. Low key, friendly and with most of the entry fee being spent on the runners. We know you like a bit of bling and a decent goodie bag. Well stocked aid station? More? Then please explore the races and consider joining us!.

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