SVN Social Distanced Events August 2021 Onwards.

We're back to starting up events again after the Covid-19 shut down. We've got permission to hold events on the basis that we strictly adhere to the current guidance on hygiene and social distancing, this does mean that events are going to be a little different than usual, but that's better than no events!

1) We're going to return to race briefings! Please arrange yourselves in a suitably social distanced manner around base camp 10 minutes prior to the start time.

2) After the race briefing we're going to start people off on a mass start, obviously if you're uncomfortable being in a bunch of people at this time feel free to hang back a few seconds to let the field spread out (which happens remarkably quickly)

3) We're not return to pre-covid aid stations just yet, nobody seems keen "buffet" style things just at the moment. The aid station will have some simple sealed supplies, basically assorted packets of crisps and assorted chocolate/cereal bars. We do suggest bringing your own supplies if you feel you need something specific as you can guarantee we'll give you the wrong flavour crisps and those awful little biscuit things you can't stand.

4) We'll have a communal drop bag area again for folks who wish to use that, as ever it won't be strictly supervised, but there are always people about.

5) We're reverting to fill your own bottles/cups/containers again. Don't forget to bring a drinks contain/cup/bottle as we've gone cupless years ago...We'll regularly sanitise the jugs. Well the handles, we don't want to give the water a weird taste. We will have hand sanitiser available for you to use if you wish.

6) We're going to revert to clipping tags for lap counting, but the bell won't be making a return just yet. So do make sure you come right up to the base camp to be clipped and then tell us when you're finished for the day.

7) Effective immediately we're amending our Fair Runners Policy so that you can swap out of an event up to 24 hours before - please - if you're feeling rough, even the vaguest of symptoms, drop us an email, we'll give you a race credit to a future event. Up to 24 hours before the event.

8) I'm still not remotely keen on hugging chaps!

9) We basically want folks to be as comfortable as possible and do appreciate that folks have varying tolerance for being around folks, a bit of social anxiety and not keen on delving around a open container of nibbles, so do feel free to stand at the back, set off 20 seconds after everyone else and avoid the aid station if you wish!

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