Firstly let us state up front that we're not vegans and we don't run vegan events. However we do appreciate that some runners are vegans and we seem to attract a number of them to our events and we think it's not terribly fair when everybody raves about the goody bags and a vegan eater looks in to one and thinks, mmm... well that's all well and good, but there is nothing in there that I can eat.

So for new events you'll now see an option on what goody bag you'd like, normal, or vegan. You must let us know in advance if you'd like a vegan goody bag, we simply don't have spare ones on race day as often we have 100% of runners turn up and we have the exact number of goody bags for each runner.

But for those that choose the vegan option we'll try to get a decent goody bag of vegan edible goodies inside, they might end up being a bit "the same" so expect certain flavours of crisps, Budweiser beer and Oreos, Clif bars, 9bars those sorts of things rather predictably, but we will try!


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