SVN Medal Hangers

As many of you know we like our bling and we know that many of you do too!

And so we've had made up a run of 50 of these medal hangers for you to display your hard earned SVN medals! We went for a SVN green for the first batch but we may have other colours in the future, or not, depending on how popular these are!

They are made of tough acrylic plastic and are 480mm wide and 170mm deep, we've had them made "double hangered" so that you can hang on double the usual amount of medals as we do appreciate that our medals can be on the larger side! Each bar is 25mm thick and the whole creation is 4mm thick. Whilst they are pre-drilled for attaching to a wall they don't come with any actual wall fixings.

I've not really, really, really tested how strong the arms of the hanger are but I'm assured that they are plenty strong enough to hold our medals and I've pressed pretty hard on them without snapping anything!

They come bubble wrapped and are available for pick up at races!

Price is £37.50 per unit.

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