World Series of Running 2022 - Virtual Version

In August 2022 we're going to hold a series of 15 consecutive challenges based out of Cyclopark, Gravesend in Kent . This is going to be a one off series and we appreciate that for many folks taking the time off from their lives is impossible to do such things but however would like to get their hands on this outstanding set of medals and one off shirt (which will be ordered after the finish of the "in person" series in early September 2022)

For the virtual version the only requirement is that the 15 runs that you do to earn the medals must be completed in 2022 and don't have to be run in a 15 day sequence, they can be run on any day in 2022. However to be eligible for the shirt - it's a 15 day challenge.

1) We're going to count these as "SVN Miles" so they'll count towards your lifetime SVN total to go towards elite numbers and hoodies etc.

2) We're going to allow these to count towards the Mega Marathoners achievement shirts, i.e. 12 Halves in 12 Months, 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks etc.

3) The minimum distance is a mile and the longest distance we'll count is 50k.

4) For each run we'll need some kind of proof, be that a Garmin/Strava trace, a photo of a watch or something similar, essentially something with a time and a distance on it. You can send these along to us after each run or collect them up and let us have them all in the one go.

5) The medals are due in Q1 - 2022 and we'll either give those to you if we see you in person or send those along if not, the shirts will be ordered in September 2022 and handed/shipped out in October/November 2023.








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