A moonlit ten hour Challenge Run in Kent

We've been very fortunate to have been granted permission to hold a moonlight event out of Brook Farm, Reculver Kent. The kind farmers there allow us to use their land and facilities to hold a running event and 98% of the route is on their land which does make for some lovely running! (And a huge barn makes a brilliant base camp!)

We want runners to achieve incredible things. New for 2023 the event will be ten hour endurance run to complete as many 6.25/7.5/8.33 mile loops as you wish in the time limit, (we'll decide the final variation depending on how wet the paths are at St Nicholas Farm) and we'll try to get a variation as close to marathon distance as possible. But the main aim is to give people the opporunity to stretch out runs to 30-40 miles if they wish, which will be ideal preparation for either the Kent 50 in April or the Saxon 100 in May.Sunset is 17:16 so there will be a few good hours in the light before the lights go out!

The course is a mix of tarmac roads (about 2%), decent trail (about 15%), not quite so decent trail (about 5%), and the rest is high quality concrete and tarmac farm roads and bike paths, so an awful lot of it is on good runnable surfaces and its pretty flat, about 250' a lap with some lovely views across the Kent Countryside towards Reculver, Thanet, a railway line and the A299. OK, confession, the A299 not quite so lovely, but its something to look at and does make access to the location really simple as only half a mile from a major road and does provide some light when it gets dark..

The 2023 Medal....

We want runners to achieve incredible things! Please take a look and consider joining us!

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