The course runs around the Brooks Farm and Bell Isle Farm, a bit of the Viking Coastal Trail and a tiny bit of very quiet country lanes.

The 100 mile distance is 14 x 7.14miles loops = 100 Miles

You can view the route on MapMyRun here

The total elevation gain is about 120' per loop, about 1600' for the 100 miles.

For 2022 we've had to change the route compared to previous years, it's the same course to the bridge over the A299, but instead of turning left you'll turn right and along a long out and back on a decent farm road, before getting all the way back to the bridge you'll take a right and then do a left, left, left loop on what's known as Belle Isle and then come back to the bridge across the A299 from the opposite side.

Adding this out and back means that the loops are a bit longer, making it 14 laps for the 100 rather than 16 and does make the route a bit flatter, probably 800 or so less climb in total than the alternative route and also has the advantage that at night there will be more ambient light from the A299 than otherwise would be.

Photos from the Route (Taken July 2016)


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