Reculver Marathon

This route is slightly more adventurous than the Viking Coastal route which precedes it the day before! It will feature steps, it will feature a tiny bit of navigation (but you're never more than about 50 yards from the sea so can't get that lost no matter what!) and a couple of gentle hills. This will basically be two short loops of 3.94 miles along the sea wall towards Epple Bay and then two loops along the coastal path towards the ruins of St Mary's Church (replicating the Viking Coastal Marathon route but carrying on past the turn around gate) and the Roman Fort at Reculver, around it, and then climb a couple of hills to the turn around and then lovely views of the area as you come back again down the slope, past the ruins on the 9.18 mile loop you'll do twice. It'll still be a quick route, but not as quite as quick as the Viking Coastal Marathon route.

This event forms part of a 10 Marathons in 10 Days Challenge, each event though is totally separate and you are free to just take part in one event, two events or however many you wish!

The medal you'll earn at this event, or a different colour variation of it, 150mm high!

Having completed lots of marathons we believe we know what it takes to put on an enjoyable marathon for the fit, the dedicated and the hardcore long distance runners. And for those, like myself, who fit none of those categories, we'll do our best to get you round!

Come and join us for a bit of a run along the Kent Coast, we'll have a well stocked aid station, nice custom made medals and goody bags that actually contain goodies!

We put on marathons run exactly the way we wish they were all run. Low key, friendly and with most of the entry fee being spent on the runners. Please explore the races and consider joining us in Kent for a marathon or two.

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