Come celebrate Marathon Day with us!

What's Marathon Day I hear you ask? 26th February! 26.2, ah, what a great idea to run the distance on the day specially made for it!

We'll be using the "Classic" Marathon Day route along the Deal sea front for what is the 6th Anniversary of the event! The course will all be on decent surfaces, traffic free and passes some very pleasant sea side scenery, including 3 castles, a pier and a waterfront that is largely unchanged for the last 300 years or so.

We're going to have made a special bespoke "Marathon Day" medal of course, the usual standard of goody bag that you expect from us, so there will be chocolate and some other decidedly non-healthly, high calorie, yummy things that you'll have earned the hard way and will fully deserve after running 26.2 miles!

We put on marathons run exactly the way we wish they were all run. Low key, friendly and with most of the entry fee being spent on the runners. Please consider joining us on the Kent Coast in February on our special day!

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