A 50 mile tarmac run, 12 hour challenge & certified marathon!


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South East Kent was home to a rich mining heritage and one of the legacies of that was a huge spoilage area outside of what was Betteshanger Colliery. In recent years this has been totally transformed in to what is now known as Betteshanger Country Park.

Betteshanger Country Park, near Deal in East Kent, has a lovely two mile tarmac cycle track and we're going to use this to host what we hope will be a very straightforward mid length ultra that will appeal to a range of runners, in addition we're adding a marathon distance only event as we've discovered that there are folk who "just" want to run a nice straightforward marathon on this perfect surface.

This event is ideal for...

- Those looking for a mid range ultra on a high quality surface, i.e. Comrades Runners.

- Those who want to step up to mid range ultras but without the complications of trail ultras, no navigation, no mud, no kit required, an aid station every 2 miles and straightforward logistics.

- Those who aren't sure if they can run 50 miles. There are no DNF's at this event, anyone may drop down to 12 hour challenge at the end of any lap or if you are timed out, likewise, you'll be dropped down to the 12 hour challenge.

- Those looking for qualifiers for other challenges. This is a 50 mile run with a strict 12 hour time limit.

- Those looking for a confidence boosting run before longer challenges. If you can complete 50 miles in the 12 hours here then that's an awful big step towards 100 miles in 30 or 32 hours.

- Those who like their bling, we're going to have the best 50 mile medal in the land!

The tarmac route isn't completely flat with around 50' of gain per lap, so over the 25 laps of the 50 mile course that's going to be about 1250' of gain. We're hiring the whole track for the day so we'll have exclusive use of this facility so there will be no traffic concerns or cyclists to worry about.

As usual we'll have a well stocked aid station which you'll pass every two miles, a unique custom made medal and a goody bag that actually contains goodies. There is also an on site cafe, a playground for kids and all in all is a nice place to host a run!

It's our aim that this event makes an impactful difference to the Betteshanger Country Park in a positive fashion and as such £5 from each entry fee will be donated directly to the Park to aid them in maintaining this lovely environment.

Please explore the race and consider joining us!

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