St Georges Day Marathon
0830 Tuesday 23rd April

Hope you're all fit and ready for the St Georges Day Marathon on Saturday. Just a few key facts and reminders.

For more details please visit the race website.

Please read the little paragraph about we've gone cupless!

Firstly as it's St Georges Day the colours of the day are white and red, or red and white, or failing that red, white and blue! It's not compulsory of course but a sea of red and white on this day would be appropriate and fancy dress is most certainly encouraged!

We've had some wonderful outfits the last couple of years which was excellent and secondly be bringing your singing voices too as part of the race briefing involves the singing of "Jerusalem" (and if you're late to the start, you're singing a solo, just sayin')

The route is 100% on good surfaces and 100% traffic free along the sea front at Deal.

The marathon distance will be made up of 5 x 5.24 mile loops and you'll pass Walmer Castle, Deal Castle, Walmer Promenade, Deal Pier, the whole of Deal Sea Front which is virtually unchanged since the 1700s, the Clock Tower, the Royal Hotel and then turn back immediately before Sandown Castle, but we'll give you the benefit of the doubt in not noticing that as it was largely levelled many years ago.

Navigation is very simple. You're always on the path closest to the sea, there are several minor variations along parallel paths along the coastal path, but simply stick to the option closest to water at all times. (Course Information is here)

Just remember the golden rules

•  Don't be in the water, on the beach, a road or on the pier

•  Turn around just before the steps on Sandown Castle at the far end of the course at the other end of the loop we'll have a marshall for the first short bit and then we'll mark the path/have a cone to run around.

•  Watch out for any cyclists or walkers who may be out on path, it's a shared bike path/pedestrian path in places so please be on the pedestrian path where this is marked.


There are toilets at the start (between the tiny free car park and the big free car park, opens at 0700) and two lots on the route too. (Course Information is here)


The forecast is looking fairly decent, bit of a breeze off the sea with a high of 17C but no rain forecast and we may well see a bit of sunshine hopefully!

Goody Bags

If you'd prefer to not have a goody bag for this event, just hand it back when you finish and we'll keep a running total and add £5 to the "SVN Charity of the Month" donation.

St Georges Day Website
Race Location

Kingsdown Road, Walmer, Kent, CT14 7LH

Google Maps »

Race Registration

Opens at 0730.
Briefing at 0820.
Start at 0830.


There is plenty of free parking in one of three car parks near to the race HQ, in addition street parking is free in the area. Most people's sat navs will bring them out at the end of Granville Road, don't park in the tiny car park opposite, turn left and there is one twenty times the size a hundred yards along on the right. These open at 0700. Please see the FAQ for more information but we'd anticipate everyone being able to park within 100 yards of the start.

Getting There

There aren't any general issues we're aware of so hopefully will all be straightforward.

Aid Station

None of the usual running stuff at Base Camp, so no isotonic drinks, fruit or energy gels, but there will be cookies, crisps, jelly babies, M&Ms, pringles, nuts and all that sort of thing, there is just going to be the one aid station on the course (and it's a 5.17 mile loop) and we'll have both water and squash to drink.


One of our longer term goals is the reduction of waste at events and to this end we've gone cupless. Please bring a bottle / cup / mug. We'll have sharpies to mark them and trays at the aid station to store them in. We'll have jugs at the aid station for you to fill them with water and squash.


Please, please, please don't! We'll have rubbish bags at the start/finish area and there are public bins on the course too.


Unfortunately due to permit conditions, and hence insurance coverage, we're no longer allowed to let runners run with dogs.

Neck Warmers/Mugs

We now have SVN "Neck Warmers" (absolutely nothing like the well known buffs) and SVN green mugs for sale at £5 cash on race days.

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