Relativity Run
0900 - Saturday 17th November
Mega Challenge
0900 - Sunday 18th November

Hope you're all fit and ready for the Relativity Run and Mega Challenges! This is just a brief summary of the key information. We'll just send around the one email for both events as most of the information is similar.

Remember that Sunday's Mega Challenge is a little different from our usual Challenge Event format in that you have to do at least a Half Marathon to get a medal! And if you're running both days there is an extra medal on offer, Double Half, Double Full or Double Ultra Marathon bling!

For more details please visit the race websites. Relativity Run - Mega Challenge

Please note that you now need to register your car registration mark with the hotel reception when you arrive.

The course is 45% on high quality tarmac paths, 55% on grassy trail. The course should be suitable for road or trail shoes as long as it is dry. (And it is forecast to be)

Navigation is going to be simple. The course is essentially a long straight cycle path and a long loop around a flood storage reservoir alongside the River Nene on a 5.17 mile loop.

Just remember the golden rules

•  To one complete lap of the central lake and then return along the path alongside the River Nene you came down.

•  Watch out for any cyclists or walkers who may be out on path, its not a closed circuit, but it is generally fairly quiet.

Remember this is a timed event, not a fixed distance event. If you complete at least one lap, then you are an official finisher and will receive a medal, (Although for the Mega Challenge you must do at least a Half Marathon to receive a medal!) a goody bag and an official finish in the results.

If you want to do a Half Marathon then its two loops and a half lap where you cut back to the base camp after half a lap of the reservoir. A Heavy Half is 3 laps. If you want to do a Full Marathon then its 5 laps plus a short out and back to a cone of doom. 50k will be 6 laps and a tiny out and back. Otherwise you're free to run as many laps as you wish in the time limits.

Full Loop - Click Here For Map

Half Marathon Mini Loop - Click Here for Map

You must have started your final loop by a strict 6 hours 00 minutes after the start and as is traditional with ultra events, this is a strictly enforced time limit. As long as you are out of the base camp before the 6 hours 00 minutes limit you'll be able to complete that loop (even if you finish after the 6 hour threshold). There will be no mileage credit for partial laps.

Finally you'll have to tell us when you're finished, not the other way around. As it's a timed event, if you wish you can stop, have a rest and continue, eat cake, go have a cup of tea in the hotel or you can just stop!

We'll have an “official finishers bell” for this purpose, (Rachel will be the keeper!) when you're done for the day, ring the bell and the goodies will be yours!

Lap Counting

At race registration you'll be handed a small laminated lap counting card, attach this to yourself with a safety pin or cable tie. At the end of each loop get this punched through by one of the hole puncher chaps or chappesses. So basically at the end of each lap, get your card punched, or ring the bell!


Looking pretty decent for the time of year for both days, little bit of a breeze, chance of sunshine, bit of early mist, high of 10C and next to no chance of rain.


We've got vegan goody bags for some of you, If you'd like one and you haven't got a little "V" on your number please let us know as we have a couple spare or if we give you a "black" goody bag then please ask for a "blue" one.


I know a few folk don't drink so if you are one of those and don't want the can of beer or cider in the goody bag then please say and we'll trade you for some coke, we've got a few cans tucked away for those that prefer that.

SVN Website
Race Location

Holiday Inn Northampton, Bedford Rd, Northampton NN4 7YF

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Race Registration

Opens at 0730.
Briefing at 0850.
Start 0900.


Please park around to the rear of the Holiday Inn. If you look at the FAQ page you'll see an image of the parking and where base camp will be.

You need to register your car number plate in hotel reception. They're using a new "magic eye" parking system and whilst the parking is paid for as part of your entry you need to register when you arrive!

The start/finish/aid station is all at the base camp area which is just inside the hotel grounds entrance.

Please avoid parking in the tiny car park next to base camp. Should the main parking fill then there is street parking off the left and right exits off the roundabout about 150m east of the Holiday Inn. The FAQ page has an image of this.

Getting There

No issues that we are aware of.

Aid Station

None of the usual running nonsense at Base Camp, so no isotonic drinks, fruit or energy gels, But there will be cookies, crisps, jelly babies, M&Ms, pringles, nuts and rather a lot of chocolate things, There is just going to be the one aid station on the course (and it's about a 5.17 mile loop) and we'll have cups of water and squash to drink.


One of our longer term goals is the reduction of waste at events. One way you can help is by bringing a bottle that can be refilled (you can leave it at base camp if you like), thus saving cup wastage or simply reusing cups at the aid station, we have jugs there and the lovely ladies happy to fill up a cup again for you (or help yourself!


These are located in the Holiday Inn hotel, past the reception and round to the right.


Please, please, please don't! We're always on parole at this location and its a nature reserve. We'll have rubbish bags at the start/finish area.


Unfortunately due to Public Liability insurance coverage limitations, we're no longer allowed to let runners run with dogs.

Neck Warmers/Mugs

We now have SVN "Neck Warmers" (absolutely nothing like the well known buffs) and SVN green mugs for sale at £5 cash on race days.


If you're running both days please keep and reuse your number on the Sunday. Elite Number runners don't forget your number!

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