Spring Bank Holiday Cakeathon
0730 Monday 27th May 2019

We hope you're all fit and ready for the Spring Bank Holiday Cakeathon! The forecast is good, the trails are looking good and lots of flowers are out!

For those of you lovely folk bringing cakes along we have even more awards than ever! 25 now so you have an excellent chance of winning one and please do check your creation (or what's left of it!) before you leave to see if you have an award!

Please read the little paragraph about we've gone cupless!

For more information please visit the Spring Cakeathon site.

Road or trail shoes should be fine. I'd go for road as its going to be dry. It's about 50% on decent grassy trail, about 50% on really high grade gravel "cycle paths"

We're opting for a 3.28 mile loop which is nicely undulating (100' climb per lap) and nothing scary at all hill wise, just very gentle undulations.

There are lots of photos and the route on the Course page here.


Whilst we'll be supplying some of course we also encourage runners to bring along their creations too and there will be trophies! (We're going to have 3/4 trophies per category plus five floating ones - so 25 trophies!). If you're bringing along a cake I'd suggest you look at the prize categories on the website and choose ingredients wisely (if you'd like to win a trophy)! FYI nothing with fruit has ever won an award, or green, the judge likes marzipan and anything with marmite or kale carries a two lap penalty!

Can you please identify your cake in some manner so we can award the prizes correctly and if its vegan that its vegan.

We'll have paper plates and forks to assist in the consumption.

Lap Counting

At race registration you'll be handed a small laminated lap counting card, attach this to yourself with a safety pin or cable tie. At the end of each loop get this punched through by one of the hole puncher chaps or chappesses. So basically at the end of each lap, get your card punched, or ring the bell!

Event Format

Remember these are timed events, not fixed distance events. If you complete at least one lap, then you are an official finisher and will receive a medal, goody bag and an official finish in the results. If you want to complete the marathon distance, then you'll need to complete 8 loops, an ultra will be 9 loops or more. (We'll have a 50k option too)

You must have started your final loop by a strict 6 hours 00 minutes after the start and as is traditional with ultra events, this is a strictly enforced time limit. As long as you are out of the base camp before the 6 hours 00 minutes limit you'll be able to complete that loop (even if you finish after the 6 hour threshold). There will be no mileage credit for partial laps.

Finally you'll have to tell us when you're finished, not the other way around. As it's a timed event, if you wish you can stop, have a rest and continue, eat cake, go have a cup of tea in the cafe or you can just stop!

We'll have an “official finishers bell” for this purpose, (Rachel will be the keeper!) when you're done for the day, ring the bell and the goodies will be yours!


We'll have a couple of portaloos at the base camp and there are also some by the cafe. These are located at the end of the cafe by the edge of the car park, please note however that the cafe toilets won't be open until about 0800.


Forecast is looking pretty decent, light cloud, sunshine, not much breeze. High of 20C so be quite warm later on.

Neck Warmers/Mugs

We now have SVN "Neck Warmers" (absolutely nothing like the well known buffs) and SVN green mugs for sale at £5 cash on race days

Goody Bags

If you'd prefer to not have a goody bag for this event, just hand it back when you finish and we'll keep a running total and add £5 to the "SVN Charity of the Month" donation.

Spring Cakeathon Website
Race Location

Henhurst Road, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 3AN

Google Maps »
Please do take 30 seconds to scan the map of the area as the postcode takes you to the general zone. And some sat navs apparently have the roundabout off the M2 as the destination with this postcode!

Race Registration

Opens at 0630.
Briefing at 0720.
Race Start 0730.


We're going to use the overspill car park for parking, it will hold maybe 200 cars so we should all be able to fit in there no problem, basically drive in the main car park and it's to the left in a demarked grassy flat field. here are nice parking lanes all marked out for you. Parking is pay and display, its £3.00 all day, takes coins only and doesn't give change. FAQ page has a map....

Please note that we've discovered that the machine doesn't "wake up" till 0700 so you can't pay for parking before then.

Aid Station

None of the usual running nonsense at Base Camp, so no isotonic drinks, fruit or energy gels, But there will be cookies, crisps, jelly babies, M&Ms, pringles, nuts and all that sort of thing, there is just going to be the one aid station on the course (and it's about a 3.28 mile loop) and we'll have water and squash to drink.


One of our longer term goals is the reduction of waste at events and to this end we've gone cupless. Please bring a bottle / cup / mug. We'll have sharpies to mark them and trays at the aid station to store them in. We'll have jugs at the aid station for you to fill them with water and squash.


Very clever app to have selfies with the Gruffalo which is at Jeskyns! Download the free app before you arrive...


Please, please, please don't! We'll have rubbish bags at the start/finish area.


If you are running either of the Mega Challenges on Saturday or Sunday then please keep your number to use on those days too. If you're an SVN Elite Runner then don't forget your Elite Number!


Unfortunately due to permit conditions, and hence insurance coverage, we're no longer allowed to let runners run with dogs.


The rangers have asked us to point out that part of the trail we'll be using is a designated bridle way so horses could be present, the trail is generally pretty wide throughout so just keep clear if you see any and give them plenty of room.

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