SBT Challenge - 0900 - 25th May,
Flamingo Challenge - 0900 - 26th May

Hope you are all fit and ready for these events! We're just sending around the one email to cover these events as most of the details are similar.

For more information visit the events website -

SBT Challenge - Flamingo Challenge

Registration will open at 0815 each day. At the weekend Cyclopark doesn't officially open till 0900 though the "outdoor" facilities will be open for us from 0815 or so... i.e. the loos and changing rooms at the rear of the main building, there may or may not be anyone on reception first thing, but you can pay for parking when you leave if there is no one about. Please also note that Cyclopark shuts at 1600 at the weekend, so there will be a hard overall 7:00 hour cut off as we need to be out the gate by 1600 both days!

Please read the little paragraph about we've gone cupless!


We're going to use two routes for these events.


We'll be using the "Short Lightning Bolt" 3.28 mile loop.

The loops are on decent surfaces so road shoes should be fine. The Short Lightning Bolt route does have a few patches that are a bit suspect, but its 95% good surfaces, (There are a few short bits on grass.)

Just remember the golden rules

•  You cross no major roads

•  Turn around at the cone after coming over the rabbit bridge and turning left - it's only about 100 yards along. (You don't get as far as the entrance to the railway sidings and nowhere near the end of the road at Jeskyns!)


There is an option to include the Cyclopark parkrun as part of your run on the Saturday Please visit the location page for more information!


We're going to use the 5.25 "177 Route" for this event - so will be five complete laps for a marathon, 2 and half for a half marathon.

It's incredibly simple, all on the 177 Bike path - you can find the route on the location page.

The loops are on 99.9% tarmac (there is about 10 yards of grass)

Just remember the golden rules

•  You cross no major roads

•  Turn around at the turn around signs at each end of the path - attached to a gate at the East End and a bike chicane at the West End - in both cases there is a major road a few yards beyond them so you really can't miss them.

There is a very quiet road to cross, so do be careful there and you have to cross the entrance road in to Cyclopark, so please take extra care, but otherwise traffic free on wide tarmac paths.

All Events

Remember these are a timed events, not fixed distance events. If you complete at least one lap, then you are an official finisher and will receive a lovely medal, a goody bag and an official finish in the results. If you complete over 13 miles you'll have a half marathon, over 26 miles then you're a marathon finisher, over 27 miles an ultra finisher! We'll have a Half Marathon option each day, a short ultra and 50k variations too.

You must have started your final loop by 6 hours 00 minutes after the start and as is traditional with ultra events, this is a strictly enforced time limit. As long as you are out of the base camp before the 6 hours 00 minutes limit you'll be able to complete that loop (even if you finish after the 6 hour threshold). There will be no mileage credit for partial laps.

Finally you'll have to tell us when you're finished, not the other way around As it's a timed event, if you wish you can stop, have a rest and continue, go have a cup of tea in the cafe, or you can just stop!

Lap Counting

At race registration you'll be handed a small laminated lap counting card, attach this to yourself with a safety pin or cable tie. At the end of each loop get this punched through by one of the hole puncher chaps or chappesses. So basically at the end of each lap, get your card punched, or tell us you've finished.


These open at 0815. They are located outside the main building. (the Shell Garage near the entrance and on the route also has outside loos!)

Hand Sanitiser

We'll have a limited supply at base camp. Please do bring your own as to avoid cross contamination as we're really trying to limit the amount of interactions and handling of items...

Saxon Shore Website
Race Location

Gravesend Cyclopark, The Tollgate, Wrotham Rd, Gravesend, Kent DA11 7NP

Google Maps »


Number pick up: 0815
Base camp briefing: 0850
Event start: 0900


We're using the overflow area, if that fills up then use the main car park. Parking is £4.50 for the day and you pay for that at reception inside the main building, you only need to pay at some stage before you leave. Please refer to the link below to get exact details of where to park. We'll have a yellow sign there pointing you in the right direction but you can't go too far wrong once you are at Cyclopark!

Cyclopark Information »

Getting There

There aren't any general issues we're aware of so hopefully will all be straightforward. Please note that the Cyclopark main facility officially opens at 0900 at weekends and we'll be available to pick up race numbers from 0815 so please don't plan on arriving at 0700 as the main gate will be locked!

Aid Station

The aid station will have some simple sealed supplies, basically assorted packets of crisps and assorted chocolate/cereal bars. We do suggest bringing your own supplies if you feel you need something specific as you can guarantee we'll give you the wrong flavour crisps and those awful little biscuit things you can't stand.

We absolutely suggest bringing along cool boxes etc and any random supplies that you might need or fancy.


One of our longer term goals is the reduction of waste at events and to this end we've gone cupless. Please bring a bottle / cup / mug.


Please, please, please don't! There will be bins at base camp and a number on the route too.


Unfortunately due to permit conditions, and hence insurance coverage, we're no longer allowed to let runners run with dogs. Additionally Cyclopark only allow assistance dogs on site.


If you're taking part on more than one day please keep your numbers to use at the other days too please. Elite Runners don't forget your numbers!


We track all of our runners mileages with SVN - the stats page is here - once you get to 100 miles you're eligible to purchase the SVN shirt. If you pre-order one of these we can bring along to the next event we see you at!

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