Valentines Day Challenge
0830 - Thursday February 14th

Hope you're all fit and ready for the Valentines Day Challenge! The forecast is looking incredibly kind for the time of year!

For more details please visit the race website.

For anyone who came along to the events in November or December here we're going to stick with the 3.28 mile loop that we used there as that was overwhelmingly preferred by folk.

Don't forget your cups / bottles as we've gone cupless!

We're looking forwards to this romantic run, fancy dress is encouraged although please bear in mind it is mid-February and even with the benign forecast will be a bit chilly first thing!

The course is 40% on high quality "bike path" type trail, 60% on solid sea wall. Road shoes will be absolutely fine. I've never seen more than about 5 feet of mud on this course even after very heavy rain.

Navigation is very simple, there are only basically two paths and a seawall at Samphire Hoe and will be signed at the junctions. (You can view the route here)

Just remember the golden rules

•  Turn around at the Cone of Doom

•  Don't be on a beach or in the sea.

•  Watch out for any fisherman on the sea wall, it's super wide so can't foresee any issues but just keep an eye out for any that are about.

Remember this is a timed event, not a fixed distance event. If you complete at least one lap, then you are an official finisher and will receive a medal, a goody bag and an official finish in the results. A Half Marathon is 4 laps, a Full Marathon 8 laps, a short Ultra is 9 laps and the 50k mini loop can be viewed on this page.

You must start your final loop by 6 hours after the start and as is traditional with ultra events, this is a strictly enforced time limit. As long as you are out of the base camp before the 6 hours limit you'll be able to complete that loop (even if you finish after the 6 hour threshold). There will be no mileage credit for partial laps.

Finally you'll have to tell us when you're finished, not the other way around. As it's a timed event, if you wish you can stop, have a rest and continue, or you can just stop!

We'll have an “official finishers bell” for this purpose, (Rachel will be the keeper!) when you're done for the day, ring the bell and the goodies will be yours!

Lap Counting

At race registration you'll be handed a small laminated lap counting card, attach this to yourself with a safety pin or cable tie. At the end of each loop get this punched through by one of the hole puncher chaps or chappesses. So basically at the end of each lap, get your card punched, or ring the bell!


These are located behind the smaller round building between the two car parks, there are male, female and disabled, they are fairly small so the girls tend to use the disabled ones too.


The forecast is looking amazingly good, 11C and sunshine. It's by the sea so be a bit of breeze but compared to some days we've been at Samphire Hoe it'll be like a mill pond!

Goody Bags

If you'd prefer to not have a goody bag for this event, just hand it back when you finish and we'll keep a running total and add £5 to the "SVN Charity of the Month" donation.

Neck Coolers/Mugs

We now have newly rebranded as its hot SVN "Neck Coolers" (absolutely nothing like the well known buffs) and SVN green mugs for sale at £5 cash on race days.

Valentines Day Website
Race Location

Samphire Hoe, A20 Folkestone to Dover road, CT17 9FL

Google Maps »

Race Registration

Opens at 0730.
Briefing at 0820.
Race Start at 0830.


There are two car parks at Samphire Hoe, one right by where the race registration will be, the other behind the cafe/shelter. Parking is Pay & Display, all day parking is £2.00.

Please park in the "Car Park 1 " Car Park as a first choice - it's sign posted Coach Parking)... its not only closer to the start/finish it'll also keep cars out of the way for other users of the venue. (Parking Map is on the page here) We'll need to make use of the "Overflow" parking area too but we'll direct folk there once the other ones fill up.

Samphire Hoe Information »

Getting There

If you are coming from the west on the M20, which most of you will, just be aware that there is no right turn off the motorway to Samphire Hoe. Just carry on to a roundabout about a mile past, go round that and then take the left hand exit on the way back.

Fingers crossed that Operation Stack isn't in effect. There are no indications that it will be, if so we'll drop you an email, fortunately Samphire Hoe is on the outbound side of the A20 though.

Aid Station

None of the usual running stuff at Base Camp, so no isotonic drinks, fruit or energy gels, but there will be cookies, crisps, jelly babies, M&Ms, pringles, nuts and all that sort of thing, there is just going to be the one aid station on the course (and it's a 3.28 mile loop) and we'll have both water and squash to drink.


One of our longer term goals is the reduction of waste at events and to this end we've gone cupless. Please bring a bottle / cup / mug. We'll have sharpies to mark them and trays at the aid station to store them in. We'll have jugs at the aid station for you to fill them with water and squash.


Please, please, please don't! We're always on parole at this location. We'll have rubbish bags at the start/finish area and another on the sea wall opposite where the base camp is.


Will be allocated at registration. If you are running other days in this series at Martello, Mods vs Rockers or Heroes vs Villains please reuse your numbers for those events. Elite runners please remember your numbers!


Unfortunately due to permit conditions, and hence insurance coverage, we're no longer allowed to let runners run with dogs

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