Gentle trail runs to raise funds for British Wildlife

South East Kent was home to a rich mining heritage and one of the legacies of that was a huge spoilage area outside of what was Betteshanger Colliery. In recent years this has been totally transformed in to what is now known as Betteshanger Country Park. (It used to be known as Fowlmead Country Park.)

Betteshanger Country Park, near Deal in East Kent, has a two mile tarmac cycle track, leisure paths for cycling and walking and established woodlands, wetlands and reed beds full of wildlife and perhaps most importantly for our purposes a wide gently undulating trail around the edge that is traffic free and ideal we thought for a nice trail run to raise funds for both the Nature Reserve we're running on and a number of Wildlife Charities and Trusts.

We've enjoyed seeing how the donations from our events are making a real difference to the nature reserves that we run on and we wanted to extend this to the wildlife around us, much of which of course, is wild and often struggling to survive in an ever dwindling environment.

How Does This Work?

In 2018 we'll be supporting British Hedgehogs! This was the most popular animal to support in 2017 and in 2018 we'll revert to having a regulation medal. It'll be a little more modest than the usual SVN offering, but still very nice!

From the entry fee we'll donate £5 to Betteshanger Country Park and £10 to a small Charity/Trust/Rescue Centre directly supporting hedgehogs. SVN as is usual with our events will donate 5% of the entry fee on top of the charitable amounts.

Each event is a six hour Challenge Event. Run as many or as few laps as you wish in the time limit. With a timed event, as long as you complete one lap, then you are an official finisher!

There are slopes rather than hills, so its not totally flat, each loop has maybe 100 feet of elevation rise, but there are some lovely woods to run through, ponds, grasslands, wet lands and some wild life to spot too! If its wet there might be a chance of some mud but the trails are high quality and drain well.

Please explore the Challenges and consider joining us!

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