Beer & running, two of our favourite things combined!

As some of you may be familiar with we do like our food themed events and one that has been constantly mooted is a Beerathon, so here it is! The lovely folk at Ranscombe Farm Reserve have agreed to be the hosts for this rather novel event! It's going to be a pretty tough challenge as Ranscombe is not the flattest of courses, but hopefully on a lovely Autumn day it will be most pleasant indeed! (Fingers crossed for the weather!)

So what's a Beerathon and how is this going to work? After much consultation with the powers that be (Rachel) this is the format.

1) When you register you'll get not only a number but a bottle opener and a bottle of beer.

2) When the race starts, instead of starting running, you start drinking! You drink the bottle of beer, deposit that in recycling and then off you go on your lap.

3) After each lap you drink a cup/bottle of beer.

4) At some point you stop, ring out and the super duper "Beerathon Bling" will be yours along with a special "Beer themed" goody bag, which we thought we'd have pub staples rather than just chocolate in for this one, so beer, crisps, nuts, that sort of thing.

5) And that's it folks!

Now please bear in mind these very important things before you enter this as we want to not only look after you guys but also the Reserve and the neighbourhood as Ranscombe are going out on a limb for us here!

1) The drinking of any alcohol is totally optional. If you don't want to, then don't worry. We've added an option for 2018 of going non-alcoholic as appreciate that not every one wants to drink. We'll have a regulation aid station as is normal for our events, probably more beer and nut/crisp themed than normal, but drinking alcohol is up to you, nobody is going force you and you can run the whole eight hours if you wish and not touch a drop.

2) There is a "no idiocy" rule - basically don't get drunk, be an idiot, make excessive noise, that sort of thing. We reserve the right to refuse anyone more alcohol or not give them a goody bag if we feel they are incapacitated or being a danger to themselves, others or being a nuisance.

3) We'll have licence for this, which means the police will be aware, do consider how you are getting home. Drink driving is stupid. Don't even think about it.

We hope to make this an annual event and raise a fair chunk of change for Ranscombe with this event, so treat it with respect and it'll be a real fun event!

The entry fee reflects the extra expenses we'll have for this event. Firstly we're doubling our donation for use of Ranscombe - £10 of each entry (gross, SVN donate the fees) goes to Plantlife. We'll have custom bottle openers, custom medals of course and a better than usual goody bag, plus I have no idea how much beer we're going to get through so we'll have lots and lots!

Please explore the race and consider joining us!

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