Come celebrate Soul Cake Day with us!

We'll have awards for the best cake creations! Now in the good old Pagan days Soul Cake Day was something of an autumn tradition where basicaly eating a cake saved a soul. Now I know that runners like cake, so why not resurrect this ancient tradition and tie it in with a run in the Autumn as once it was!

"Bands of 'soulers' went from house to house singing ancient 'souling' rhymes; and small loaves, quickbreads or cakes were handed out to them to be eaten hot while saying a prayer for the departed. Even after the Reformation, when prayers were officially no longer thought necessary to ease the passage of souls to Heaven, the idea that the giving and receiving of food by the living somehow benefited or pleased the dead."

So eating cake for a good cause all in all! So we're holding a Soul Cake Day Challenge Run, the idea being that each lap you run, you should eat a little cake to save a soul, or remember a soul to please those no longer with us.

We are fortunate to have some wonderful cake makers amongst our runners and we encourage runners to bring along cakes,especially small ones, as its basically one soul per cake, so the smaller the cakes the more souls that can be saved! We'll have awards for the best cake creations!

And if you want to have a go at making actual Soul Cakes then there are lots of variations around as a quick Google search throws up!

We'll have awards for the best "Soul Cake" and also the best "Cake" as we like cakes in general, not just soul cakes!

The course is 100% good surfaces (lots of concrete I'm afraid but some tarmac), perhaps with a bit of seaweed thrown in as that always seems to get thrown up over one bit of the course,and its bound to be in to the wind, both ways. On the plus side if you like the views of the sea and a low cliff you'll be in your element as the course is 80% like that, there is a wind farm to look at, but its a long way out to sea. Even that's not very interesting after the first 30 seconds, and if its murky, well, you can't even see that. But think of the cakes and bling!

The event will be a six hour timed challenge event. Complete as many loops as you wish within the time limit.

This event forms part of a 10 Challenges in 10 Days Challenge, each event though is totally separate and you are free to just take part in one event, two events or however many you wish!

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