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5.25 mile loops

The course runs along a stretch of the Saxon Shore Way between Kingsdown and Deal and the aid station/start/finish just towards the end of the loop, by the car park and toilets

You can view the route on MapMyRun here

The total elevation gain is probably sub 100' for the entire marathon. Navigation is simple, always hold on the path nearest the sea (there are several parallel paths so you'd end up on the same route, but would be slightly cutting the course short.)

The first turn around is right opposite Walmer Castle, we'll have that marked, you'll then run along the whole length of Deal sea front, along the promenade past Deal Castle, Deal Pier, the newly renovated sea defences before finally turning around at Sandown Castle (though you'll be forgiven for missing this one as it was turned in to part of the defences long ago).

Toilets on Route

The on course toilets are behind the outdoor swimming pool There are also toilets in the car park near the start/finish/base camp.

There are also toilets in the car park at the start/finish and also down King Street in Deal (about 75 yards down) quite close to the pier.

parkrun option

In 2018 a parkrun started up along the Saxon Shore Way at Walmer / Deal. So its possible now to do both events - at the same time! You'll get credit for the mileage you do at the parkrun as part of the Saxon Shore Marathon / Viking Challenge.

So if you're going to do the parkrun at Walmer/Deal as part of the event this is what's going to happen... it's totally optional! But if you are... remember your barcode!!

The short first loop is detailed below.

Everyone is going to start at 0830.

Run south towards Walmer Castle for a couple of hundred yards, turn around and head North.... if you're just doing the regular 5.25 mile loop then you run to the end of the path till it runs out, turn around and come back again to base camp - that's 5.25 miles.

However... if you want to do the parkrun. Then you TURN AROUND early - right as you reach the outdoor swimming pool and sea scout hut. We'll aim to have "someone standing there" but we're not going to put up any signage so as to confuse the park runners! If you reach Deal Castle you've gone too far, so basically after about a mile there is an outdoor pool... turn around there and run back about a third of a mile to the parkrun area which you'll probably have noticed running past already, it's behind a big hedge.

Run the parkrun at 0900 (you've got to run about 1.7 miles in the 30 minutes to get there in time for the start)

Sort that out and then run south back to base camp.

That's your first 5.25 mile lap done, get your hole card punched and then you do the other 5.25 mile laps as normal.

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