An achievable 100 mile run!

We've been very fortunate to have been granted permission to hold a 100 mile ultra event at Samphire Hoe. A nature reserve created from 4.9 million cubic metres of chalk marl from the Channel Tunnel excavations on the coast of Kent near Dover.

It's our aim that this event makes an impactful difference to Samphire Hoe in a positive fashion and as such £5-£20 from each entry fee will be donated directly to the nature reserve to aid them in maintaining this lovely environment.

We want runners to achieve incredible things. The main event will be a 100 mile endurance run of 27 times 3.71 mile loops. In addition we'll hold 24 hour, 6 hour timed challenges on Saturday along with a Pacer Challenge to complete as many 3.71 mile loops as possible in the time limit chosen.

The course is a mix of very high quality gently rolling trail, bike paths and a nice dead flat sea wall, quite literally all within the shadow of the famous White Cliffs of Dover, there is some wild life to keep an eye out for, you'll be able to see what's going on at both Dover and Folkestone Harbours, there will no doubt be some ships to see and some trains to spot too for good measure! If its clear you can even see France!

We want runners to achieve incredible things and so we've set up this 100 mile run to be as achievable as possible. This event is ideal for first time 100 mile runners as we take away many of the issues with the bigger point to point 100 milers such as navigation or tricky terrain or for more experienced ultra runners looking for a quicker 100 mile time, or to hone ultra skills or simply to earn an ace buckle and top quality 100 mile finisher shirt. The key features are

1) A 32 hour time limit. Start is 0800 on Saturday 9th March. Cut off is 1600 on Sunday 10th March. (That allows an average pace of over 19 minutes per mile)

2) No navigation. It's a simple loop/out and back, the sea wall is solid and flat, the trail is high quality and slightly rolling to give the legs a bit of a different work out. We'd estimate the total elevation gain for the 100 miles to be about 2500'

3) No compulsory kit aside from lights required when dark

4) No large gaps between aid stations. You'll be able to get fluids/food/access your gear every 3.71 miles.

5) Get out of jail card. We appreciate that the reality of 100 milers is that not everyone finishes. You'll be able to drop down to the 24 hour event any time before 0800 on Sunday and receive an official finish, a Samphire Hoe Challenge medal and goody bag.

6) For 100 mile finishers there will be a kick-ass buckle and finishers shirt. And although we doubt you'll fancy it at the finish, a goody bag of course! The sub 24 buckle is above, the sub 32 buckle is the same design in all silver.

7) We always feel pacers get a raw deal at ultras, nobody ever knew they were there, we want to change that! For people supporting 100 Mile runners we have the Pacer Challenge. They can keep their runner company for as much or as little as they wish after 1800 on the Saturday, one lap and they are an official finisher, eight laps and they'll receive an official ultra finish. (We'll also have a 7 laps plus a small loop for folk who "just" want to run a marathon distance.) Thus they can keep runners company, be very much part of the event, they'll have their laps recorded, receive an official finish, receive a Samphire Challenge medal and a goody bag. (Please note that you cannot drive in to Samphire Hoe between 1800 Saturday night and 0700 Sunday morning, so please plan any pacers accordingly.)

8) There are no qualification requirements, we'll have on site medics and its simple logistics!

Please have a careful read through the FAQ section and consider joining us to earn what we hope will be the most impressive buckle you are able to earn in this side of the Atlantic.

Please note that this race falls outside of our "Fair Runner Policy" due to the far larger financial commitments we are having to take. Please read the cancellation section in the FAQ before signing up.

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