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This is something of a divergence from our normal "short loop" routes to a longer 13.1 mile loop, that is mainly an out and back with a shortened lap around the Ranscombe Farm Reserve at the end. We'll have available four methods of navigation as the course won't be marked.

1) GPX file for those with GPS capable watches/phones/devices. You can download this from this link on MapMyRun and on the right hand side is a link called Export this Route and you can download the GPX trace there.
2) Map which we'll hand out on the day. Which you can view here.
3) Short form instructions "LDWA" style for those familiar with those which we'll hand out on the day. These can be read here (PDF). - Or here in Microsoft Word format.
4) Long form instructions for use on smart phones with lots of photos and even more instructions. These can be read here (PDF). - Or here in Microsoft Word format.
5) There is also an annotated map. Which you can view here.

We'll have an aid station about half way around the loop at Ranscombe and possibly a second water stop if its especially hot, though there are three pubs on the route and at least one shop and we have a long time limit! The route has about 1500' of climb per lap, but for those who've done the Ranscombe Challenge it's much flatter than that route! This event will have a eight hour time limit.

View the route here on MapMyRun

The loop is 13.1 miles long, two laps will make up a marathon and three laps will make an ultra for the quick and inclined but with the time limits you'd have to be fairly quick to get three laps.

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