The Darnley Challenge...

This challenge is something of a change for an SVN event in that the loop is 13.1 miles or so and will pass through Jeskyns Woodland, the Darnley Estate and Ranscombe Wildflower Reserve. It will require a little bit of navigation and will be a bit more LDWA instruction/map reading than normal totally obvious/marked routes. However the route is largely out and back and its pretty straightforward and we'll have a long time limit as there are three pubs and an ice cream shop on the route in case you need to "pop in for directions"...

Please note that we still have capacity for entrants - we are now fully committed on the Darnley Medals... folks entering after May 5th will be offered a range of alternatives to choose from when they finish!

Pre-Event Email can be read here

We're moving the event in 2021 to the late May period to hopefully avoid any mud and to hit the peak of the Spring flowers and blue bells that all being well will be out in force!

They'll be bling, three parks to run through and around, three pubs to pass (or pop into) a long time limit and of course chocolate at the finish!

It's our aim that our events makes an impactful difference to charity in a positive fashion and as such at least £5 from each entry fee will be donated directly to the Cyclopark Trust.

Please explore the race and consider joining us!


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