A chocolate themed run in Betteshanger Nature Reserve!

We love chocolate almost as much as we love cake! We love chocolate things. We're not so keen on the calories, which is why many of us run, so we can indulge and at this running event, you can indulge! Run a lap, eat some chocolate, run a lap, eat some chocolate, you see the theme? And when you finish you'll receive a very special chocolate themed medal (not edible! lol) and a hefty chocolate themed goody bag!

So the Chocathon Challenge at the lovely Betteshanger Country Park (Formerly known as Fowlmead Country Park) is the answer for those who share a love of running and eating chocolate!

Run a marathon, run an ultra, run less, as long as you complete one loop you're a finisher!The event will be a six hour timed challenge event. Complete as many loops as you wish within the time limit, consume as much chocolate as wish within the time limit. Run a marathon, run an ultra, run less, as long as you complete one loop you're a finisher! We do warn you though, this may be an event where you consume more calories than you burn off! A marathon distance run may burn off about 2500 calories, so maybe that's a solid pound of chocolate!

It's our aim that this event makes an impactful difference to Betteshanger Country Park in a positive fashion and as such £5 from each entry fee will be donated directly to the nature reserve to aid them in maintaining this lovely environment. This event is a little bit more expensive than most of the ones we do, firstly because of the donation to the Reserve, secondly because the medals cost a fortune and thirdly because we're going to have a ton of chocolate to eat and be given away in the goody bags!

Please explore the race and consider joining us!

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